Ø20 Rack and Pinion Block Module

Body    : 40×86 Aluminium Profile
Max. Speed  : 1,65 meter / second
Movement Distance Per Tour : 103,62 mm
Driven : Rack and Pinion
Rack    : Mod 1,5 Flat / Mod 1,5 Helical
Pinion  : Mod 1,5 Z: 22 Flat / Mod 1,5 Z: 22 Helical
Shaft    : Ø20 Induction Chrome Plated
Bearing : RV202 – 15 KDD
Accuracy : 0.2 mm

This module type is preferred in applications that require medium loading and low sensitivity.

Rock and pinion drive systems can be used on proslotion lines of infinite length thanks to end-to-end connection availability.

Their maintenance and use is easier than other drive systems.

Areas of use include proslotion lines, control mechanisms, automatic doors and shutters.

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