About Us

About Us


The company was established in 1961 by Vasilios Meimaridis and operated under the sole trader name MEIMARIDIS VASILIOS with main object of interest the iron and aluminum framings. Later on, the company started operating in the trade of iron and aluminum as well as in the process and cutting of metals, commercializing devices such scissors, machines for folding together and squeezing the edges of sheets to join them and cylinders.

Upon years of succesful operations, in 1999 the company passes down to the sons of Meimaridis, becoming general partnership which turned it into family business, since the members of the partnership were the brothers Stelios and Giorgos Meimaridis.
The company’s new name will be Meimaridis Bros

The company’s mission is to serve its customers effectively and immediately achieving this with the most convenient prices.

Our company Meimaridis Bros, other than the webisite’s products, also provides more aluminum items such as:

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